Ariette Jeanisca, a descendant of Haiti is a chef and an entrepreneur who served in the military and is now a disable veteran. Chef Ariette is a single mother of a beautiful son, a caregiver for her disable father, a student, friend and a domestic violence advocate in the Hampton Roads area.

Chef Ariette was born on May 29, 1976 and grew up in Miami, FL when her and her family moved to the United States. Chef Ariette comes from a long line of cooks in her family and family owning restaurants of their own. Food has always made its presence in her life. Chef’s mother, Marie A. Jeanisca was a huge factor in her passion for cooking. Mrs. Jeanisca, God rest her soul, made sure that Ariette had the base and the essentials of cooking; from there, the chef in Ariette was born.

At 19 years old, Ariette left to join the Navy in 1996. While traveling the world, chef made sure every country she would visit she’d look for the mom and pop restaurant and eat and ask questions about the culture and what it is she was eating. When chef was honorably discharged, her passion for food had grown. Chef had learned so much from traveling that she decided that Johnson and Wales University would be where she’d get professional training and an in-depth education in Culinary Arts. Needless to say, she went on and got her second degree in Hospitality from Miami Dade College and is working on her 3rd degree in Hospitality from Florida International University.

As a student at FIU, chef had the opportunity to be part of SOBEWFF, South Beach Food and Wine Festival 2 years in a row.  Chef Ariette had the opportunity to meet Guy Fieri and his team and was chosen by her mentor and professor Chef Judith WIlliams to cook Guy Fieri’s recipes to feed about 2000-3000 people; she was a hit. She also had the opportunity to meet Robert Irvine who ate her food and loved it. She was able to Martha Stewart, Chef Norman Van Aken, Chef Allen Susser and more.

Chef Ariette not only creates art that pleases the palate, but she has 2 sauces and a rub that she is currently working on to put on store shelves. One of the sauces is called Fusion Melange Gourmet Pikliz (pee kleez) which is a household condiment used by Haitians to enhance the flavor of fried, sautéed and baked foods. It is a spicy, vinegar base coleslaw ( it is used on mostly meats, poultry, game and seafood). The other condiment is called Fusion Melange Chimichurri Sauce. This sauce is originally an Argentinian condiment composed of fresh parsley, red onions, garlic and red wine vinegar. Chef added her twist to it and added special spices and ingredients to enhance the flavor. The last one is a spice rub that is composed of Haitian spices and a dash of sweetness as a delicious rub. This rub will turn your culinary skills into gold.

Chef later created Fusion Melange, "Catering That Infuses Cultures". This is where she would provide a catering experience to leave you talking about and wanting more of her food. She is a professional, has a one stop shop team and is slowly making a name for herself in Hampton Roads.  Chef is dedicated into bringing a new twist to catering in Hampton Roads by infusing her Haitian culture in everything she does. Just remember the name Chef Ariette Jeanisca with Fusion Melange; it will become a household name.